The Invention of the Living Room

One-Act Comedy (30 mins)

(cast: 1 M; 1 F)

Max wants to honor the new tombstone of the war-hero father whom he reveres too much; Mel wants to salvage her marriage to Max -- can his self-esteem and her passion survive a 1200-mile drive to Florida -- in the middle of July?

Chosen: 2016 Warner International Playwrights Festival

Finalist: 2014 Drury University One-Act Playwriting Competition 

Semi-Finalist: 2013 LaBute New Theater Festival

Full-Length Plays

Turtles All the Way Down
a farce

Genre: Comedy (farce)

(cast: 4 M + 3 F or other combinations...)
90 minutes w/o intermission

An outrageous comedy for outrageous times... The year is 2028. Out of President Dick Wonder’s romantic past comes Volvita Volva, the Biracial, Intersex Ex-Sex Queen Who Wants To Be . . . Vice-President. In one high-velocity 24-hour period, Volvita rises not merely to the Vice-Presidency but to the Presidency itself, fighting to free Dick Wonder from the hypnotic control of Marvin, the sociopathic bully who had been Dick's childhood chum and who now covertly rules the country in his name. Along the way Volvita also liberates the First Lady from a life of erotic frustration and introduces the President to the son he never knew he had, the very same young man whom the sixteen-year-old First Daughter plans to marry. All this, and a surprise ending – did someone say Queen? – never before seen in the annals of America. 

The Soho Theatre (London) described TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN as "very theatrical: fast moving with lots of humour. . . sharp and highly enjoyable repartee."


The Invention of

the Living Room

Genre: Drama, with comedy
(cast: 3 M + 3 F)
90 minutes w/o intermission
(*This play is an expansion of the one-act play of the same name)

It's 1946. An apartment on the Lower East Side of New York City. Bessie Levin, an emotionally fragile yet dynamic woman, is haunted by the past but about to be hurled into the future. Bessie wants to keep her home unchanged and her racially-mixed, religiously-divided family together. Her son, Billy, is preparing to launch Levinstown, the first big postwar suburb, which he calls "the future of America." But will the Levins survive Levinstown? And will Bessie survive the future?

Winner: Texas NonProfit Theatres’ 2014 POPS! New Play Project Competition

Finalist (Runner-Up): 2012 Blue Ink Playwriting Award (American Blues Theater, Chicago)

Chosen: Harriet Lake Festival of New Plays, Orlando Shakespeare Theatre

Chosen: "New American Voices" public reading series, Queens Theatre (NYC)



The Heartbreaking Exit

of Philip Hamilton
(a Founding Father’s tragedy)

Genre: Drama (tragedy)
(cast: 3 M + 3 F)
100-110 mins plus intermission

Is honor more important than life itself? That is the question that haunts Alexander Hamilton's first-born child, Philip. A gifted nineteen year-old, Philip is on his death-bed, having been shot in a duel to defend his father's name. Neither Philip nor the audience realizes that this is his situation when he appears out of the darkness, looking for his father, and finding himself in a strange (fever-induced) scenario. That scenario includes not only his father, mother, aunt, and oldest sister, but also us (an audience of strangers) and Aaron Burr, who seems like Fate and who directs a stage show about Philip's immediate past, the events that led him to this fateful moment in time. 

Under its previous title, HAMILTON, an earlier version of this play won:

Semi-Finalist: 2012 National Playwrights Conference of the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. 

Finalist: 2012 New Works Project, the T. Schreiber Studio (NYC)


Please Lock Me Away
a dark comedy

Genre: Comedy (dark)
(cast: 1 F + 2 M)
90 minutes w/o intermission

Wendy, a sixty-six year-old woman, has abducted Jason and Toby, two teenage boys who had subjected her to a horrible public humiliation. But now that Wendy's got her youthful oppressors captive in a remote cabin, she doesn't know what to do with them. Wendy and the boys quickly find themselves not only at each other's mercy but at the mercy of their own bodies and desires, which obey only Mother Nature. A dark comedy about age, sex, power -- and the strangeness of being human.

Finalist: Kitchen Dog Theater (Dallas) 2014 New Works Competition


Moses, The Author

Genre: Comedy 

(cast: 3 M + 2 F)
85 minutes w/o intermission

He freed his people. Can he free himself? . . . Moses has family problems (gay son, rocky marriage), God problems (existential), and career problems (writer’s block, a hellish deadline). He’s not happy with his Bible but to make a better Bible he must become a better man. A love story, with scrolls. 

MOSES, THE AUTHOR had its World Premiere at the New York International Fringe Festival, August 10-23, 2014 and was subsequently chosen for the Fringe Encore for an extended run Sept. 26-Oct 5, 2014.  (Also: chosen for Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s Playfest, Nov. 1-3, 2014 & the Harrisburg New Works Festival, Sept 6-10, 2016)

What the critics said:

“Smart, funny and provocative... 'Best Play of Opening Weekend' of the New York International Fringe Festival"-- Theatre Reviews Limited

"Moses,The Author is the best, most evolved and funniest production I've seen in 18 summers of the Fringe Festival.”-- WBAI Radio (Janet Coleman, Cat Radio Café)

“Hilarious ... empathic as well as clever." 
New Jersey Jewish Standard

"A great work" -- Theater Pizzazz

"Andrew R. Heinze brings the Old Testament to life... I can't wait to see his future work!" -- Hi Drama (NYC TV)

Click for the MOSES, THE AUTHOR page 


Deleting Dad

Genre: Drama 
(cast: 3 M)
75 minutes w/o intermission

A middle-aged man wants to delete from his iPhone the contact information of his father, who died four years ago. But he finds that he cannot. His inability to do this launches him on a journey of self-disclosure about his relationship with his father and brings to the surface a disturbing fact that he has hidden since the day Dad died. 

Winner: Texas NonProfit Theatres’ 2016 POPS! New Play Project Competition


Great Roles for Old Actresses​


(cast: 5 F)

80-85 mins w/o intermission

90-95 mins with intermission

What happens when you find your life writing itself into a script? Five stage actresses, all over sixty, get the last chance of their careers. But when they show up for a private reading of the play with the author, something strange happens: the author is absent and the script starts to change – things the actresses say to each other end up as lines their characters say in the play. Spooked but intrigued, the five follow this mystery, but the more they do the more they must reveal about themselves, putting not only their careers but their lives on the line. 


Hallie the First

based on Henry IV, Part I by William Shakespeare

Genre: Drama with Comedy 

cast: 11 [with doubling];  17 w/o doubling

2 hours  

A contemporary adaptation of William Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part I.

Hallie Boeling, the computer-prodigy daughter of cybersecurity magnate Henry Boeling, has become a prodigal daughter, leading a wayward life as a hacker/gamer on the Lower East Side of New York City, where she shares an apartment with her close friend Fergus, an obese, intellectual gay slacker. Fate comes calling for Hallie when her estranged father summons her, needing her help to overcome a takeover plot against his company, Cybercore. The plot is led by James Speer, the son and nephew of Henry’s adversaries Norris and Warren Speer. James also had been Hallie’s first love ten years earlier in high school. Hallie and James square off against each other in corporate and digital battle, with dire consequences for the loser; Hallie’s ultimate victory leaves not only James as a sad casualty but also Fergus, who finds himself lost and alone, discarded by his only friend in the world. 

The Bar Mitzvah of Jesus Goldfarb

One-Act Drama (10-15 mins)
(cast 3 M)

It's 1957 and LBJ's only chance at the Presidency depends on doing the impossible: getting a Northern liberal and a Southern conservative to agree on a high-stakes bill that violates each one's core principles. How will he do it?

Selected for City Theatre of Independence (MO) 2014 Summer Playwrights Festival

​​Selected, Not-Yet-Produced One-Act Plays

THE BURT & SAMI SHOW (comedy, 30-40 mins) (cast: 1 F; 1 M) -- Desperate for their Big Break, actors Burt and Sami embark on an insane voyage between Art and Life, and Art and Shtick. *** Semi-Finalist, 2013 LaBute New Theater Festival

THE DNA BREAKDOWN (comedy, 10 mins) (cast: 1 F; 1 M) Hannah's Jewish, Fred's black, or so they thought ... when a DNA test becomes a marital stress test. Who are we really? Are we free to choose? If we are, who will we be? And how? And if not now, when? 

ANIMAL RIGHTS (comedy, 10 mins) (cast: 2 F; 1 M) -- KYLA and AARON seem content, until KYLA scolds another young woman for leashing her dog outside a store. This confrontation of females brings Animal Rights to a whole new level.   

AT EPIPHANY (drama, 10-15 mins) (cast: 2 M; 1 F) -- 18-year old Todd came out to his conservative father; if only his ardently liberal mother were so easy...

THE INNER GAME OF TENNIS (comedy, 10-15 mins) (cast: 2 M) -- Two friends. 
One dark suspicion. And a totally veiled conversation.


WILL-EMILY (comedy, 10 mins) (cast: 1 M; 1 F) -- Emily Dickinson, the ultimate recluse, receives a surprise visit from William Shakespeare, who is smitten by her poetry and has travelled through time to be her soul-mate. Will she let him in?

One-Act Comedy (10-15 mins)
(cast: 1 M + 1 F)

Long-time friends VICTOR (27) and ANNA (27) have their first big break, he as a film director and she as his leading lady, IF . . . VICTOR can get ANNA to do something she really, really doesn't want to do… 

Semi-Finalist: 18th Annual New York City Fifteen-Minute Play Festival

One-Act Comedy (10-15 mins)
(cast: 1 M + 1 F)

Truman Bluman needs a liver for his wife. Hospital administrator Darla Colloway needs Truman. She's ready to negotiate. Is he? 

A black comedy.

Produced at the 45th Street Theater, NYC (2012)

One-Act Comedy (10-15 mins)
(cast: 1 M + 1 F)

An aspiring writer finds her pilot script vulgarized by the requirements of cable TV.

Winner: “Audience Favorite” 
16th Annual New York City Fifteen-Minute Play Festival

THE FQ is published in THE BEST TEN-MINUTE PLAYS, 2011 (Smith & Kraus).

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The Nude Scene

Masha: Conditions in the Holy Land

What It Takes to Get Things

Done in Washington

a play by 

Andrew R. Heinze

One-Act Comedy/Drama

(10 mins)

(cast: 2 F; 2 M)

In the year 2650 four young people encounter one strange, frightening, long-extinct object.

Chosen: The New American Theatre (L.A.), 2017 Festival of New American One-Act Plays

One-Act Drama (10-15 mins)
(cast: 1 M + 1 F)

A lonely American Jew, a smart Russian prostitute, a shoddy room in the Holy Land. He wanted her to talk, or so he thought . . . 

Winner: Jury Prize for Best Play, Fusion Theatre Company’s 2012 One-Act Festival “The Seven” (Albuquerque, NM) & Finalist, 2013 Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival.

“A powerful work” is Barry Gaines’ description of MASHA: CONDITIONS IN THE HOLY LAND in his review of the Fusion festival for the ABQ JOURNAL, June 3, 2012. 

Click for the MASHA page

The Thing With Algo Inside

Driving to Florida

Driving to Florida

The FQ


One-Act Comedy (10-15 mins)
(cast: 1 M/F + 1 F)

Jason Goldfarb wants a new name for his Bar Mitzvah. This is a big problem for Rabbi Deborah Silverman.

Winner: “Judges’ Choice, Best Play” & “Audience Favorite” 17th Annual New York City Fifteen-Minute Play Festival


It's Terrible What We Do for Love

One-Act Comedy (10-15 mins)
(cast: 3 M + 1 F)

Before there were suburbs, a young Jewish builder in a Lower East Side tenement imagines a bigger, better kind of home, including -- dream of dreams -- a room just for living! The only thing standing in his way is his mother, and her parlor.

Barry Leibmann’s Review of “East Side Stories” at the Metropolitan Playhouse for the NYC TV show “Hi! Drama” May 3, 2013: “My favorite of the bunch, Andrew R. Heinze's , "THE INVENTION OF THE LIVING ROOM" ... has a lot of charm and humor.”

One-Act Comedy (1 min)
(cast: 1 M)

Adam is pretty pleased that he’s come up with a name for everything on earth, until he steps on something and realizes his work isn’t done yet.

Produced at the Spare Change Theater’s “In A New York Minute” play festival (NYC, 2010)



Adam Names Things

in the Garden of Eden