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Some of my published essays are accessible online:

W: You’re No TR (2002)

Yekl at 108: Rereading a Classic with the Children of Immigrants (2004)

Breaking the Mold of the Sitcom (2004)

My Grandmother Between Life and Death (2004)

What Home Office? You’re Just a Writer! (2005)

A Lost Chapter from the Life of Oz (2005)

Life Among the Goyim: Da Ali G Show (2006)

The Winter of Our Disinsurance (2009)

Click here to read my 2007 Belin Lecture at the University of Michigan: ‘Is It ‘Cos I’s Black?’ Jews and the Whiteness Problem 

My academic articles are available online if you subscribe to:

The American Quarterly
The Journal of American History
Religion and American Culture
The American Historical Review
American Jewish History
The Journal of the West
The Chronicle of Higher Education

or have access to Project Muse, JStor, or similar academic database.

Most of my editorials for the San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Chronicle and smaller regional newspapers have vanished into virtual air. So, unless you want to go to a major public library and induce premature dementia by scrolling through reels of microfiche (or is microfiche now extinct?), you can’t read them. However, two of them have recently appeared online via SF Gate. One I like a lot. They titled it “The Vatican Repents Catholic Anti-Semitism” (newspapers usually discard the title you submit and replace it with one they like better). Here it is:

The Vatican Repents Catholic Anti-Semitism (1998)

The other one, “White Supremacists and their War against Jews,” is OK, unless it turns out to be prophetic, which would automatically raise its status to “Prophetic.” 

White Supremacists and their War against Jews (1999)

Jews American Soul Religion Psychology History
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Race Ethnicity U.S. History